Bint el Sudan 

 - بنت السودان

The Bint el Sudan (daughter of Sudan) series celebrates and links Sudanese women both in Sudan and within the diaspora. Bound together and homogenized by a traditional golden headpiece, each woman photographed, however, displays and evokes their varied expressions of identity.

The traditional headpiece, an important symbol in weddings, acts as the (سِلْسِلَة) silsila that connects and marries each Sudanese woman to their culture regardless of their literal proximity to the homeland and to each other.


Our Story

Each woman was free from direction and was asked to take up whichever way they wished to represent themselves and express their personal connection to their Sudanese heritage.Together we hope to not only celebrate Sudan’s natural beauty but to bring together daughters of Sudan post-revolution, to strengthen the connection between our communities and to liberate each other in the process.

Meet the 'daughters'

Our Clients

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